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About us
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Dear Guest,

Welcome to Lilith, the start of breakfast culture in Rotterdam.

Named after Adams’ first wife, Lilith was the woman who was equal to men. Banned to the dark side she teaches us that without darkness there can be no light. Without night there can be no morning, and no breakfast!


We started with nothing and have been striving to improve and get better every day since November 1st 2016. We use organic and local products as much as we can. We try to give a lot of vegan options and increase our level of plant based dishes with every new menu we make.


We wake up very early every morning. Seven days a week, 360 days a year, we cook with love and we always intend to give you the time of your life. (We’re closed only when we go on holiday with the whole team.)


We treat everyone who steps into our home equally and we expect the same from you.

Please note that we are people, with all kinds of stories, backgrounds, nationalities and genders.

We kindly ask you to respect this place and the people who work here.


Our food is made to order, meaning fresh and home made, and this takes a lot of time, love and work. Homemade food doesn’t come in package so please don’t rush, it will all be worth the wait and we promise you’ll taste the love.



We’re maybe no ordinary restaurant, we are a group of friends and family, no hierarchy, no bosses. We can be different than you expect, but when you get a smile you get a real one, straight from the heart.


If you have any allergies, or you’re pregnant, please inform the staff so we can cook you something nice that you can eat safely. If you disagree with our menu or you want to change the way we make things don’t waste your time, we put a lot of thought into our menu and we give a lot of options and sides to choose from, please be kind and stick with the menu.


May peace be with all of you who enter here, and may your belly be full and your smile bright when you leave!


Xoxo Lilith Family


PS: are you drunk or on drugs though? Don’t be surprised if we kick your ass out, you can come back when you’re sober. Same goes for insulting our staff, being rude to other guests or damaging our interior. 





Every day 9 till 5






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